[Build] Numidium Reborn for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2 ?>

[Build] Numidium Reborn for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2

Today’s guide focuses on the Numidium Reborn, a PVP-centric Templar build that draws upon the ancient Dwemer power of the Numidium in the Elder Scrolls Online. This build combines offensive utility and healing for ultimate survivability and ally support in Cyrodil. Find out more in the article below, Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors!

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More about the Numidium Reborn for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Last guide, we talked about the Numidium Reborn’s attributes, Elder Scrolls Online items, traits, and enchantments, as well as the champion points that should be allotted for the build to be effective. Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors will surely enjoy this PVP-centric Templar build as it combines offense, utility, and healing for longer hours on the battlefield, fighting your way through hordes of enemies. This guide will cover the Numidium Reborn’s primary and secondary weapons.

Primary Weapon: One Hand and Shield

  • DEFENSIVE POSTURE (ABSORB MAGIC) – Adds more passive block mitigation and gives a Stamina-based heal when you are being focused.
  • SHIELD CHARGE (SHIELDED ASSAULT)– Great offensive and defensive ability because it stuns an enemy and gives a damage shield.
  • CALTROPS (RAZOR CALTROPS) – This is a must for defending Objectives in PVP.
  • SUN SHIELD (BLAZING SHIELD) – Great defensive ability with a formidable area-of-effect burst when you’re taking the heat. This can be substituted with Bone Shield (Bone Surge) for non-Templars or for added utility. It is also a survivability staple for this build.
  • IMMOVABLE (IMMOVABLE BRUTE) – This is primarily for reduced cost of break-free but occasionally for Major Ward if incoming damage is hot and heavy.
  • ULTIMATE: BARRIER (REPLENISHING BARRIER) – Always cast Barrier on a rotational basis to increase survivability and help rip through enemy ranks.

Secondary Weapon: Restoration Staff

  • RAPID MANEUVER (RETREATING MANEUVER) –  This ability is a must-have for getting around in Cyrodil. The +40% movement speed and snare cleanse makes it irreplaceable.
  • REGENERATION (MUTAGEN) – Great utility heal with an additional heal-over-time, an emergency heal, and an emergency purge, all baked into one cast.
  • PURGE (EFFICIENT PURGE) – Fire Ballistae counter.
  • RUSHED CEREMONY (BREATH OF LIFE) – Great clutch heal for Templars. Non-Templars could go with another class ability, Steadfast Ward (Restoration Staff), or possibly Resolving Vigor (Assault) if it is unlocked.
  • RESTORING AURA (REPENTANCE) – This spell helps reclaim the essence of all nearby dead and refills Health and Stamina of allies in the area. It also provides a 10% passive boost to Health, Stamina, and Magicka regen. Non-Templars can substitute any healing, shielding, or buff ability here.
  • ULTIMATE: BARRIER (REPLENISHING BARRIER) – As mentioned before, cast Barrier on a rotational basis to increase survivability.

That’s about it, Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors. Until next guide!

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