Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Paths ?>

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Paths

There are two kinds of players: a player who wanted to focus on PvP and a player who will devote his/her entire game life to questing and adventure, in short PvE.

What is the best class for PvP or PvE? There is a class that could do on both and a class that can efficiently do PvP or PvE.

Elder scrolls online has limited classes. Unlike, other MMORPG with tons of different classes, elder scrolls only have a few. However, the builds and equipment make these few classes of elder scrolls online complex. It is where a knight become a support and a priest become DPS.

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – PvP

PvP is one of the most interesting features of elder scrolls online as you can kick people’s ass so as the other MMORPG. Competition with elder scrolls online is kind of generic and people are tired of swords and shields.

With interchangeable point of view of first person to third person, player versus player of elder scrolls online has its own versatility when it comes to point of view.

As an MMORPG, it is given that elder scrolls online armor would a huge factor, there is also a little bit of player skill required on PvP.

Deperate people need elder scrolls online armor sets.


PvE is the main feature of elder scrolls online. It is where you go to an adventure with a friend and discover cool and uncool stuff, laugh about the voice of an NPCs and more.

New contents come out once in a while and the game is never boring whenever there is a new content.

If other MMORPG updates their cash shop, elder scrolls online adds new in-game contents.


PvE or PvP?

PvP is only a minimum feature of elder scrolls online. It is not a game meant for competition. If you wanted to focus on PvP, that is cool, but don’t ever expect to be satisfied about it.

Elder scrolls online is not made for PvP, but for PvE.

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