Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Reputation ?>

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Reputation

Elder scrolls online is one hell of a good game. It has a massive content; the NPCs are fully voiced; tons of dungeon to choose from, although some contents are simply copy-pasted from the past elder scrolls titles. Probably, it is why they manage to put voices on NPCs.

Moreover, elder scrolls online has superior graphics. It is almost like a virtual reality.

At the end of the day, it is not about how good the graphics are, and how massive the content. It is about the gameplay. Players are going to dwell in the gameplay for hours. Graphics are for first impressions only. After a few days or months, players will forget that they are playing a game with good graphics.

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Gameplay

The gameplay of elder scrolls online is identical to the old elder scrolls online. The thing is some people hate to see the same thing over and over. They want to have a fresh start out of the traditional gameplay of elder scrolls where you see the hands of your character and wrecking dragons up.

If the developers change the gameplay of elder scrolls just for a little bit, it would have been much better.



Elder scrolls online has a massive content because the content came from the old elder scrolls online titles. We could even hear familiar voices from the old titles.

Updates are consistently coming which makes elder scrolls online a good game. Contents keep on coming; players will always have something to do. There are new elder scrolls armor sets to collect and cool elder scrolls online armor.


Imagine: you have been playing elder scrolls online for years. And a new title has been released called ‘elder scrolls online.’ You expect there would be a lot of interactions, but it didn’t. Would you still like the game?

Elder scrolls online does not deserve the bad reputation, in fact. It is a good game.

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