Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Update 11 ?>

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Update 11

On August 1 (PC) and August 16 (Console) update 11 is coming to elder scrolls online, featuring two new, argonian themed, four player dungeons. These new updates will be available for ESO plus users for free and 1500 crowns for those who are not ESO plus users (feels bad men).

After releasing some contents, developers of elder scrolls online did not stop to improve the game. Their desperation might make the game even bigger if they do their homework well. Not just randomly publishing new updates around.

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – The Style Parlor

Congratulation to those people who have ugly faces, you can now change your face, costing you crowns!

Bored of your character’s smug face? There will be a style parlor available when the update 11 comes out. However, it costs crowns. In fact, developers think this is sensible because your character’s face is your face inside the game. Like plastic surgery it should cost a lot.

If players can change their face through eso gold, we will be seeing players who constantly change their appearance which is kind of crazy, a world where people keep on wearing different masks.

However, it would be a good idea if the developers actually make the style parlor available through eso gold as it would balance the elder scrolls online’s economy.

Parlor’s Name Change

This is questionable. Why would developers include name change? Why would people want to change their name? Did people don’t take elder scrolls online seriously that they name their character shit face?

Name change should cost a lot. People should not go on switching names casually.

New Mechanics

Be delighted that another new elder scrolls online armor sets would be available soon! There will be new dungeon for players to grind hours and get their piece of elder scrolls online armor.

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