ESO Armor Sets – Matt’s Message ?>

ESO Armor Sets – Matt’s Message

Let’s stop collecting eso armor sets and other eso sets for a moment. Let’s hear the magic conch shell.

Matt frior, a prestigious man known for his involvement to elder scrolls online as its producer said something that elder scrolls online is continuously growing. Let’s wonder if it is true.

One thing: elder scrolls online lack interaction for an online game. In elder scrolls, it is kind of hard to get in touch with one another. There is always seems a dark force (hassle) that forbids players from getting together.

In the annoumence of matt frior, he announced that elder scrolls online is opening the entire world playable by everyone.

What does this mean?

ESO Armor Sets – Change is Coming

Due to elder scrolls online lacked of interaction, even though it is an online game, zenimax decided to change things up. They are going to do the leap of faith. If this change destroyed the game, better might as well start creating elder scrolls online 2 for a life boat.

This update is a dual edged sword. There will be players who will leave because of this update and players who will join because of this update, but the question is: how much player will leave and how much player will join? If some players join, will they enjoy this so called ‘new update?’

Zenimax is gritting their teeth for the worse. They didn’t pussied out like other game developers. They manned up and jump through the abyss.


One tamriel is like a tribute to those who played elder scrolls online (7 million). In the trailer, they included memorable things like monsters slain, gold spend, quest completed and more.

It is like their way of saying goodbye to the world.


Elder scrolls online won’t be a complete new game when this update is intact. The game will be more interactive. In the past, a player might travel alone in the darkness. Today, they might travel in the darkness in groups.

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