ESO Gold – Argument: PC vs Console ?>

ESO Gold – Argument: PC vs Console

Eso gold, let’s stop thinking about it for a moment and those who want to buy eso gold.

There are just people in this world who are not easily satisfied on getting to play games; they really want to prove that they are the best at what they do and what they are using. The best example is the argument between PC and console about which platform is better. Who gives a fuck, though? If you like console, use console, don’t brag in the world that console is better. Everybody has their own choice. If you like PC, use PC, don’t brag about it being universal and shit.


ESO gold – the Internet

For us, people, the world is big, but it is even bigger with the internet with us. We get to talk to people with different culture, brain, religion, taste and stuff. Oh, they are people too? What a big surprised. I thought these people were aliens.

Although, giving much attention to these kinds of argument makes me an alien too.

Everybody has its own opinion on everything. Logic itself is a traitor.


Since I’m now a monkey alien through tackling this topic, let’s compare the PC and console:

The PC is originally a versatile machine mainly for the use of business, information storage, advance calculator and more. It is so versatile that it can also run games and pretty much do anything with it. As a result, people start to play games with it, which is not supposed to be.

The PC can pretty much do anything that a console does, literally. Gamers can connect their controllers to a PC. Businessmen can do their work using PC. Artist can create art using PC.


The console is produced primarily for gaming. It is a plug and play machine. You don’t need to optimize anything. As long as you have the right console and the right game, there won’t be any problem at all.


Final Note:

PC: Versatile and convenient for those who know how to use it.

Console: It has exclusive games that are not playable in the PC. It is very easy to use.

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