ESO Gold – Eliminating Awkwardness ?>

ESO Gold – Eliminating Awkwardness

Let’s leave the technical details of elder scrolls online. Let’s talk about communication in the game. Let’s not focus on the game all the time. What makes an MMORPG is the community. Without the community, it is just an RPG.

Trust me, you will enjoy the game a lot if you can interact more to your guild mate or just randomly walking around and see a stranger.

However, upon talking, you don’t know what to talk about. It is negative to ask for a player’s real name all of a sudden without. And asking about the weather makes you looks stupid. So, what are you suppose to do in the awkward situations?

From Game Mechanics to Personal Topic


Asking personal question is awkward to ask for the first meeting. You will have to find a way to talk about the game mechanics first and transcend it into personal conversation.

The thing about communication is, it is like a broken bridge. And you need tools to fix the bridge. These tools would be the topics. You have to have a lot of topics to fix the bridge. The more topics you bring, the faster the bridge would be fix and would connect you to the person whom you are talking now.


Try to talk about the recent update of the game and ask what he/she thinks about it. And you could bring the momentum through asking what questions like “what do you think would be the game’s next update”

Some people like to talk about eso gold and how they discuss how they buy eso gold.

Shutting Up

There is time to talk. But there is also time to shut up. Usually, you could feel that the other person is bored and wanted to you to shut up through his/her responses. Short responses like “ok” and “right.” It is a bad signal. You should just shut up and talk later.


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