ESO Gold – ESO Best MMO of 2015 ?>

ESO Gold – ESO Best MMO of 2015

Elder scrolls online as the best MMO of 2015, is this game overrated or underrated for not being the best MMO of 2016?

Elder scrolls online offers its player an immersive gameplay like no other MMORPG. The game has vast content and the NPCs are fully voiced, everybody talks, they don’t just nod.

Talking of content, the developers often release content for players to accomplish within a week or two.

The overall gameplay of elder scrolls online is versatile, allowing its users to switch from 3rd person to first person.

Let’s break elder scrolls online if this game deserves to be the 2015 best MMO.

ESO gold – Art

The art of elder scrolls online captures the aroma of medieval times, but with the coolest mythical creature, the dragon. The art immediately caught the hearts of people who love medieval times. If there is an MMORPG that captures the medieval times, it would be elder scrolls online.


The gameplay is flawless except from the lack of interaction. Elder scrolls online is an MMORPG. It is not the same as skyrim where players often go solo. Elder scrolls online should have tons of interaction because it is an MMORPG. It is meant to be played with other people not solo. ESO gold loses its value without much interaction of players. It would kill people who like to buy eso gold.

Furthermore, the game lacks Player versus player actions for an MMORPG. There should be player kill and competition.


Other MMORPG of 2015 always lacked something. Sometimes, it is art; sometimes, it is the gameplay; and the grossest of all, it is all about the graphics and art while the gameplay is complete garbage. And sometimes, they offer fan service for men.

In conclusion, elder scrolls online is the only MMORPG of 2015 with complete package of fantastic art, satisfying gameplay and enough fan service; therefore, elder scrolls online deserve to be the best MMORPG of 2015.

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