ESO Gold – Is it Worth to Play ESO Again? ?>

ESO Gold – Is it Worth to Play ESO Again?

Elder scrolls online is so hyped way back. However, upon the first month of the game, the hype suddenly vanished. And people are starting to talk about elder scrolls online not living up to their expectations.

In the past, elder scrolls online is subscription based online game where you have to pay monthly or yearly in order to continue playing.

ESO gold – Sub Based to Single Purchase


With the decrease on sale, the company decided to make it a single purchase game. If money is the reason why you quit elder scrolls online, you can now play again and it will just cost you several bucks to be able to play forever!

Once in a while, developers release a new content which is another several bucks; however, it is your decision to purchase it or not. And the contents elder scrolls release are good. They are not half baked cookies your aunt gives you.

ESO gold is not a problem in the game. There are tons of places where you can buy eso gold.

New Contents

Tons of new things are added! If your reason for taking a break on the game is due to lack of content, the game is being updated once in a while with additional fees. Most of the time, these new contents are really good and immersive.

And most of all, they are not desperate to sell anything but contents which are worth it. Elder scrolls online is not like those online games who rely solely on their crappy cash shops.

Still Breathing

If you think elder scrolls online is going to die soon, you are wrong. If not breathing heavily, elder scrolls online is breathing steadily, for now. With new contents once in a while, for sure, this game would magnetize some MMORPG players who quit another game because of cash shops and mismanagement of balance and gameplay.

It is still breathing, but not as stead as before because the era of MMORPG is almost done.

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