ESO Gold – It is Worth Playing ?>

ESO Gold – It is Worth Playing

The hype of elder scrolls online in the past few years before the release was massive. Elder scrolls fans can’t wait until the game was released. However, upon the release of the game, it was somewhat a huge disappointment. It took the attention of MMORPG gamers when the trailer was released. But upon the release, the hype suddenly dispersed.

Elder scrolls online, is it still worth playing despite the new MMORPG games that are coming out?

ESO gold – Lore


Elder scrolls series has a vast lore. If you enjoyed the lore of elder scrolls series, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the lore of elder scrolls online. The NPCs are also fully voiced and also has a vast content. In fact, elder scrolls online has the largest content in all MMORPG.

Moreover, the developers of elder scrolls online often release a new update.

This game would never be boring if you enjoy the elder scrolls’ series lore.


Its community is lively. The reddit community of elder scrolls online is active. You can see players ranting about failing a dungeon and players sharing their progression in the game.

However, expect some toxic players, though, toxicity is inherent on every community. Surely, the number of good players outnumbers the toxic folks. There are even communities who buy eso gold and social community not driven by eso gold.

Core Gameplay

The game’s developers focused too much on visuals and lore, making sure that it followed the path of elder scrolls series. However, it is not the lore and visuals that will feed the players for a long time. It is the gameplay.

The game lacked on competitive mechanics that would make players enjoys the game for a long period of time. Instead, they focused on producing quality contents which is ignored by majority of the players.

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