ESO Gold – Joining Parties ?>

ESO Gold – Joining Parties

Grinding for eso gold is exhausting, but chatting with party mates may relieve this exhaustion. However, joining a party, for some, may not be an ideal experience. Have you experienced joining a party and after a while suddenly being kicked for whatsoever reason? And when you ask them, they won’t reply or will flame you.

It is disheartening that there are such people in the community, although MMORPG experience is not complete without bad guys.

And in the sense of being treated badly, you would want to treat other people badly too. Good people change because of bad experience.

ESO gold – Research

If you do not want to be kicked out of the party without knowing the reason, you have to do the research yourself or ask around. Grasp the mechanics of the specific grinding spot why those monkeys kick you. Most of the time, it is because you are not doing what you are supposed to do. Example: if you are a dragon knight, you are probably supposed to lure monster and defend the DPS classes; not doing makes them kick your ugly ass out of their party.

Basically, they let you in to fulfill a specific role and not doing what you are supposed to do make you dead weight in the party.

Creating a Party


Who has the authority to create a party? The player who got the authority to create a party is either a tank or healer with sufficient level.

Healers and tanks are the center of a party. If the healer leaves, the party is automatically disbanded.


In conclusion, to join a party, do what you are supposed to do and accumulate a sufficient level. Research about the dungeon or grinding spot: what are effective class, the strategy, and the community. And buy eso gold if necessary.

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