ESO Gold One-On-One: Duel! ?>

ESO Gold One-On-One: Duel!

In PVP, more isn’t always merrier. Because even though being in groups is heaps fun, there are times when fighting has to be an intimate one-on-one session for it to be satisfying. And with One Tamriel, the latter is going to be a lot more structured. Start betting on yourself with ESO gold, because a much better duel system is coming to Tamriel.

To be exact, it will be coming out in One Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Online’s up and coming expansion. And before you think that dueling is merely about two characters fighting to the death, then you’ll be pleased – or surprised – to know that it’s going to be more than that, as it’s going to be one of the many ways you’ll be able to improve your character, regardless of whether you win or lose the duel.


ESO Gold Dueling: How It Will Be

So, how will this particular feature work in Elder Scrolls Online? Well, it works similarly as that in other MMOs. By approaching the character and using your social wheel then choosing Invite to Duel, the match will begin. To avoid running away, both players will be in a dueling circle with a flag in the middle. If any player steps outside that circle, a countdown will appear. If he or she continues to stand outside of it, the match will be forfeited. And much like in a traditional duel, this is a battle to the death, so it will not stop unless somebody dies or steps out of the circle.

Like what’s previously been said, dueling isn’t just a way to kill time, as it’s also one of the many things you do in game that have achievements connected to them. So if you are a gamer who likes getting achievements for any reason whatsoever, you’ll definitely be spending a lot of your time dueling.

Seems like One Tamriel is not only have things in store for dungeon-seekers, but also for duelists. And it might not seem like a big thing, but for PVP enthusiasts, it is. So, are you also one? And regardless of whether you are one or not, what do you think about dueling? Do you think it’s going to be ESO gold? Tell us in the comments section.

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