ESO Gold: Play It In 2016? Yes! ?>

ESO Gold: Play It In 2016? Yes!

With One Tamriel rolling into stores in just a few months, the question “Should You Play The Elder Scrolls Online in 2016?” couldn’t be any more perfect. After all, One Tamriel is the perfect expansion for those who’d want to try the game to get onboard. So, back to the question: is ESO gold or not, and why? Let’s see what YouTube game reviewer HippoZoned has to say.

ESO Gold: A HippoZoned Review

According to HippoZoned, the Elder Scrolls Online has been improving since its release, thanks to it incorporating many elements found in the single-player offline Elder Scrolls games – something many fans and players have been clamoring for. He also said that the game has so much content that players can engage in, as well as freedom to be whatever they choose to be when it comes to being a warrior/adventurer. But of course, no matter how many things players can do and assume any possible class there is, it won’t be deserving of the Elder Scrolls name if it didn’t feel like a true Elder Scrolls game. Thankfully, it is, as the game truly does make you feel like you are in a living, breathing Tamriel, complete with its familiar sceneries, aesthetics, and people. Yes, people, since the online aspect of the game helps players find allies and enemies in battle, as well as give the game an atmosphere of life.

But of course, there is no such thing as a game that doesn’t have flaws, and Elder Scrolls Online has its fair share of them. For HippoZoned, one of those would be the fact that the developers did some sort of “reset” after the launch of Tamriel Unlimited, making characters lose a bit of progress. He is, however, positive that it’s only a minor setback that will no longer happen in the near future. Another gripe he has with the game is that it feels “grindy”. Sure, it’s not as grind-oriented as many other MMOs, but it does have times when you’re going to have to do some things over and over again, especially when it comes to ESO gold. Nevertheless, despite these shortcomings, Elder Scrolls Online remain as a solid experience.

Going by this review alone, it should be obvious that you should indeed give the game a shot. And with the game having switched to a buy-to-play model and One Tamriel coming out in a few weeks, there is no better time than now.

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