ESO Gold – Top Tips To Start ESO ?>

ESO Gold – Top Tips To Start ESO

Sometimes it is fun to play randomly. Where you don’t research a lot and just wonder around freely. It will give you the raw experience of playing the game.

However, since you are reading this, it is clear that you are looking some tips to get you started in playing elder scrolls online.

Here are some tips to get you started in elder scrolls online.

ESO gold – Classes and Races

Choose carefully as you can’t change your class or race midway. If you want to be precise, research before choosing a class or race. You don’t want to play a character that you hate. Don’t be a tier whore where you want to play the strongest class. The best thing to stay playing the game for a long time is having fun. It is more rewarding to play the character you love than to chase victory using the character you hate.

There are only few classes in elder scrolls online, but there are numerous builds possible in each class.


Yes, we are here to play a game not to read stories. But it is more fun to learn more about the game as it will immerse in the game more.

The stories are well written. If you love reading a book about dragons and lost child, you would definitely love the stories of elder scrolls online, although it is too vast that may take tons of your time. However, it is definitely worth the time if you are not planning to become competitive in elder scrolls online (if there is a competitive).

You can skip this and buy eso gold instead.

Craft your Own Gear


You can find various stuff around, some of these are utilized to craft armors and stuff.

Instead of buying armors upon progressing you, craft your armors and you will be able to save tons of eso gold.

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