ESO Gold – What’s next ?>

ESO Gold – What’s next

Forget about eso gold for sale for a while and focus on this.

After the release of thieves’ guild, and other new contents, players are curious of what is the next update. It seems that they are not going to take enjoy the current content and move on. They don’t. Some people are asking for new content, while some are asking for an exclusive PvP area.

It is interesting on how developers will react on this. Will they add a new PvP area or continue release new contents on the game?

ESO gold – PvP Area


In theory, an online game is always competitive. Even without PvP system, an online game will always be competitive. Why? It is human being’s nature to compare itself from each other, comparing one’s equipment to one another, and sometimes even character design, like who has the better looking character.

Releasing new PvP area and new player mechanics would be a huge step up for elder scrolls online. Almost all the new games that are coming out with hype are competitive games (Overwatch).

If the developers of elder scroll online release something new like new mechanics and PvP. There are at least two risks: people might not be satisfied with it and inherent human nature – People hate change.

New Content

In the developer’s mind, releasing new contents every once in a while is the safest move. Releasing a new content always keeps players busy and digging upon the new content, while if they are going to release something new like PvP, people might criticize them and induce more bad influence on elder scrolls online in the market.

Impatient Brats

Players are like a child who asks for a cheese cake, and they want it as soon as possible, while the mother is still cooking the cheese cake. The child become antsy and insisted that he wants the cake now. The mother gives the half-cooked cheese cake to the child. When the child ate it, the child complained that it does not taste good.

The same goes with the update, players hassle out developers, wanting to release the new content. And when the new content is released, players will complain that it is bad. It is so stupid, these kind of players.

Just sit and gather as much as eso gold that it your job as a player.

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