Perils of Diplomacy for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2 ?>

Perils of Diplomacy for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2

The Perils of Diplomacy is a quest under the Aldmeri Dominion story line for Elder Scrolls Online items collectors. Upon reaching Mistral, Razum-dar will be waiting for you at the entrance. Speak with him and he will tell you about the political situation going on between the local Maormer and the new Aldmeri Dominion presence. He will direct you towards the Silvenar—a Bosmer cultural figure who serves as a liaison between the Maormer, locals, and Dominion—and will give you a token to show him. To find out more about this quest, read more in the article below.

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A Mysterious Murder for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Continuing on to the second part of the guide, upon your arrival the Silvenar is lying on the ground, with a dirty red cloud of poison around him—dead. While you examine him, the Green Lady will walk in and will become enraged, demanding any information about what happened. Report the incident to Harrani, and she will offer you her guard log. Apparently, there has been suspicious activity regarding the warehouse, the alchemist, and the Maormer ship, Serpent’s Kiss. You will have to investigate all three of these.

Investigative Work for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Once you get to the second floor of the warehouse, find a hiding spot. After a while, you’ll be able to see someone sneak in and leave behind a note mentioning the following terms: “Unwelcome Visitors”, “Anchor Chains”, and a “Tempest.” Now head to the apothecary near the docks and you’ll witness Ulondil standing outside, interrogating the alchemist. Check the ledger inside, and you will notice a number of orders for Daedra blood and a Daedra heart, but the customer’s name is not given. Finally, on the Serpent’s Kiss, bribe Captain Irinwe to let you go below decks to find a hidden trapdoor on the floor and a crate of Sea Viper paraphernalia. Alternatively, you can get in by stealing a key from a sleeping crewmember.

Presenting the Evidence for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Take the evidence to Razum-dar. He will give you a sample of the poison that killed the Silvenar, which you have to bring to the Green Lady so she can use it to track the killer. After completing these objectives, you’ll arrive at the abandoned house below the embassy. Incapacitate the assassin and interrogate her, and she will reveal that it was Ulondil who ordered her to do so. Find Ulondil and accuse him of hiring an assassin. He will run off, thus giving you a choice: Harrani will ask you to stop the Green Lady from pursuing and killing Ulondil, or let her exact her revenge.

The Consequences of Choices for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

If you choose to allow the Green Lady kill Ulondil, you will find out nothing about the Tempest, and Harrani will be saddened. If you choose to stop the Green Lady, Ulondil will be taken into custody and when you report back to Harrani, she will say that he told them more about the Tempest. Regardless of your choice though, you will receive a piece of armor, the Queen’s Own Cuirass, which is a worthy addition for Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors. A Khajiit named Zaeri will then run up and ask to speak with you about some conflict at Cat’s Eye Quay.

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