Power Level Exploration for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P1 ?>

Power Level Exploration for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P1

We’re back with another power leveling guide for Elder Scrolls Online. This guide will cover another method to power level – through exploration. Think of it this way: not only are you unlocking zones for XP, you are also able to salvage Elder Scrolls Online weapons and loot while you’re at it! It’s killing two birds with one stone! Find out more about this awesome power leveling tactic in the article below.

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Starting a Character for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

For starters, create your character and skip the tutorial, which starts the game at Level 3. Find and fight the werewolf in the city until you hit Level 4; don’t worry, there are usually other players there so it shouldn’t be too difficult. In any case, use the ranged starter Elder Scrolls Online weapons if necessary.

This is optional, but you may want to consider buying a horse and level it with apples for 30 days as you will need stamina and speed for the first portion of this guide. You may also speed up this process via riding lessons which you can purchase in the Crown Store.

Gearing Up with Elder Scrolls Online Weapons and Armor

Adventurers naturally need exploration gear and other Elder Scrolls Online items. Craft (or have someone craft it for you) a Level 4 armor with the exploration trait. You can use 3 pieces of light armor, 2 pieces of medium armor, and 2 pieces of heavy. You will also need a couple of Elder Scrolls Online weapons of your choosing with the training trait.

Early Levels (4 – 10) for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

The first bit of this guide focuses on collecting sky shards and lore books in the game. Remember, do not click / read any bookshelves as this will slow your skill progress in the second part of the guide. Your aim in the early levels should be to run / gallop to every location on the map, gaining exploration experience along the way. Make sure to grab the sky shards and the lore books! Do not stop to take on mobs; just keep running through the world, avoiding large groups as best as you can. Once you find the mundus stone, The Steed, activate it for increased speed. Go back to activate it as needed.

Once you have completed the first four zones, the only way to get to Alik’r Desert is to travel to someone that as already opened the area up. If you’re playing the Aldmeri Dominion, you will need to leave the first island. If you’re playing the Ebonheart Pact, to reach the northern zones you will need to circumnavigate Fort Virak in Stonefalls to reach them. As you level up you will get slightly more experience for each location.

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