Power Leveling Tips for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors ?>

Power Leveling Tips for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

As you advance into higher levels, you will notice in the Elder Scrolls Online that the levels are getting harder and harder to achieve, and your weapon skill has begun to fall behind. Fear not, this article will cover a few power leveling tips for you Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors! Whether you simply want to speed your way to 50 or max out a crafting skill quickly – read on below!

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Questing with Friends for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Although you solo the game most of the time, one way to speed up your leveling is to invite a friend to tag along. This has two major benefits, and will generally improve your experience since you have someone to beat things up with! Plus, it’s more effortless with two people! Questing with a friend, or even with a small party, will greatly speed up how fast you finish quests, especially ones that involve killing multiple enemies. The faster you complete quests, the more you can do an hour to increase your experience points. Being in a group will also allow you to tackle harder quests, which reward more experience for you. When you are soloing, you typically can’t take on monsters that are more than a level or two above you; however, in a group, you could be level 20, tackling level 25 quests for much bigger experience points and Elder Scrolls Online items and rewards.

The Ring of Mara for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Did you know that getting married in ESO can help speed up your leveling? Getting married is actually pretty simple, and the best part of it is that you get the Ring of Mara, an item that boosts all experience points you receive by 10%. Although it may seem insignificant, it stacks up very quickly. This bonus is applied to everything you do as well, meaning it will increase your per-kill experience and your quest reward experience. The latter is what you’re gunning for, as quests reward huge chunks of experience at a time. Now you are getting a huge chunk plus another 10% and if you couple that with the strategy suggested above, you will be breezing through levels and will be at Level 50 in no time!

Exploring for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

You gain experience while exploring, too. This occurs every time you discover a new area on the map. Though the rewards may be small, but there is an Elder Scrolls Online armor in the game that can boost up the amount you receive each time you find a new point. Wearing a complete set of this exploration armor can boost the amount by over 50%, which is significantly huge!

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