Main Quests for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors Part 5 ?>

Main Quests for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors Part 5

The Prophet has called upon you again! Today’s guide will walk you through the next main quest on Elder Scrolls Online. Castle of Worms will become available to you once you reach Level 20 and arrive at a major city. Read below to find out more!

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Castle of Worms: An Overview for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Once you arrive at the Harborage, the Prophet will inform you that Tharn wishes to speak with you. Tharn offers to aid you in your search for the Amulet of Kings, but for a price—free him from his prison in Coldharbour. Accept this task and a portal will appear for you to go through. Talk to the NPC to find out that you must look for Cadwell, the man you helped escape the last time.

The Wretched Squalor for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Upon entering the portal, you will find yourself in a house at the Wretched Squalor, a soul shriven shanty town outside of Mannimarco’s castle. Talk to Lyris and she will suggest you find a soul shriven guide and stealthily take out the guards. Exit the house, then speak to one of the slaves outside as they will tell you about Cadwell. Cadwell is guarded by Warden Cornexius. He deals a powerful charge attack, so make sure to dodge out of the way or else he will plow over you and likely kill you. After defeating the Warden, talk to Caldwell, who points you the way through the cistern. Meet him inside, past the door to the castle. Keep the clannfear away from him as he opens the doors. He will need to tamper with three steam vents; afterwards, the doors will open. Speak to him again to find out that Tharn is at the top of the Tower of Bones. Navigate your way through the inner chamber to the tower.

Building a Flesh Atronach for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Continue on with Lyris until you find a projection of Tharn again. He will instruct you to find Atronach parts. You will need to obtain these from functioning Atronachs, so make sure to dispatch all of them. Some are also guarded by a large demon; be careful when you engage it as he is very powerful. Let Lyris tank the hits, and if he comes after you, back off until it switches back to Lyris. Once you have enough parts, meet up with Tharn in the ritual room to perform the ritual. After the scene, travel down the tunnel and into the next room. There will be many enemies on the way, so fight your way through them until you reach the real Tharn. Prepare yourself for the next fight and make sure that you have all your necessary Elder Scrolls Online items. Once you’re ready, speak to Tharn to engage in the next battle.

Defeating Mannimarco for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

Mannimarco will summon skeletons to fight you. Even at Level 20, these skeletons can be tough to kill. Focus on the mages first as they tend to do the most damage. Beat the first wave and Mannimarco will summon another wave, which will be no trouble if you’re careful. For the third time, he will summon a large bone fiend. Let Lyris fight it and tank its damages most of the time. If it comes after you, just back away until it goes back to Lyris, the same way you did with the large demon. Once dead, Tharn will appear and the two mages will get locked in a battle of power. Go up and hit Mannimarco to end the fight. Exit the area through the portal to conclude this quest.

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