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[Build] Paladin of Stendarr for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors ?>

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Inspired from a Breton knight serving under the name of Stendarr, this Templar build is the ideal fit for DPS-Support role, mainly due to the wide range of skills in dealing damage, battle aids, and restoration. Learn more about this interesting build in the article below, Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors! Paladin of Stendarr – Templar Race for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors Not that being racist in the game helps, however as a follower of Stendarr, the God of…

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[Build] Numidium Reborn for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors P2 ?>

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Today’s guide focuses on the Numidium Reborn, a PVP-centric Templar build that draws upon the ancient Dwemer power of the Numidium in the Elder Scrolls Online. This build combines offensive utility and healing for ultimate survivability and ally support in Cyrodil. Find out more in the article below, Elder Scrolls Online weapons collectors! More about the Numidium Reborn for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors Last guide, we talked about the Numidium Reborn’s attributes, Elder Scrolls Online items, traits, and enchantments, as…

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