ESO Gold: One Tamriel, One Awesome Expansion ?>

ESO Gold: One Tamriel, One Awesome Expansion

Every expansion an MMORPG gets brings a lot of changes to the game, especially big ones. Same case is very much true with Elder Scrolls Online; probably even truer, as the up and coming expansion, One Tamriel, is going to be perhaps not only the biggest, but also the most ambitious one the game will ever have, so players better start stacking ESO gold as early as now. And before the biggest update in all of Elder Scrolls Online history hits the game, players should be familiarized with it.

ESO Gold: New, Old, One Tamriel

So, what’s One Tamriel going to bring to this game that’s already brimming with content? A lot. And it’s not only going to add to the already rich and bountiful content the online iteration of Tamriel has; more importantly, it will change how the game is played. One way it will do that is by making the game more accessible; meaning it will be giving players, especially the newer ones, to explore almost the entirety of the game world, if not all of it. How, by removing the many restrictions on content, grouping, and alliances.


Other than making the online iteration of Tamriel feel more open, this removal of the game’s many restrictions also aims to encourage partnerships between long-time and/or currently active players with new and/or returning players. This is a big help for players who wish to play with their family or friends that have a wide level gap with them. And additionally, it should also help dissuade players with an already maxed-out character from making an alternate character – or even account.

And with One Tamriel allowing players to be even more connected, it makes perfect sense to change certain dynamics of dungeons, making them an even more party-oriented affair (as if they still aren’t), as they’ll now be requiring a full party before players can enter. That means nobody will be lonely in their ESO gold farming runs. In addition, to make sure veteran players feel just as strong and important as before, dungeons will be having two modes:  Normal and Veteran. Obviously the latter is going to be much harder, but it will, just as obviously, yield more ESO gold. So if you want ESO easy, it’s for you.

All in all, One Tamriel is going to not only put more things into the game, but make the things that are already in it better. So be ready when it comes; start buying ESO gold for sale now if you have to.

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