ESO Gold – The Guy Named Potato ?>

ESO Gold – The Guy Named Potato

Plot, setting, lore and art are all part of a game; the same goes for difficulty. Remove one and it is not going to be the game it used to be.

There is this player who ranted over a dungeon’s difficulty in elder scrolls online. Let’s call him “potato” for the convenience of the writer.

The dungeon he tried to defeat was maelstrom arena in the veteran difficulty. According to himself, he has been playing elder scrolls online for a while now and gained sufficient experience to play on his build efficiently. Potato’s class is Magicka Sorcerer.

ESO gold – Potato’s Opinion


“Maelstrom Arena is not a fun part of the game. It’s a stupid ass grind and if I make it through will never touch it again. Dead content to me.”

We all have different opinions about things. Mr. Potato’s comment about Maelstrom Arena is a little bit harsh, telling it is a dead content of the game, although it is one of the hardest runs in the game.

Few people can breeze through this dungeon because they spent most of their time grinding and storing power. Therefore, people who can complete Maelstrom Arena in veteran difficulty with ease exerted tons of effort.


There is nothing wrong with Mr. Potato’s opinions. There are people who hate to grind and people who love to grind. Probably, Mr. Potato belongs to the group who hates grinding eso gold. Some people prefer to buy eso gold.

Love and hate – these are two different worlds; neither is perfect; both have flaws.

What are the flaws of both worlds? Please, you already knew it.

Grinding and Chilling

Grinding and chilling are more like love and hate. You won’t learn how to love without hate and vice versa.

In order to enjoy a game, you have to exert effort to arrive at what they call nirvana.

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