ESO Gold Edition Sale and the F2P Weekend!

Celebrate Elder Scrolls Online’s 2nd Anniversary with a fantastic free-to-play event starting April 11 to April 18! Experience the rich landscape of Tamriel, amazing story lines, and fantastic gameplay all for free during this period!

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If you’ve been following the health of the dwindling MMO industry, you’ll know that ESO is one of the last, great MMOs that is still thriving alongside other titans like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Not only is ESO free to play this weekend, but the base game and the ESO Gold edition is on sale on Zenimax’s site on Steam! So if you ever decide to purchase the game for real, you can do so at a discounted price.

Get the Best Deal for ESO Gold Edition and DLC!

Crowns, ESO’s cash shop currency, will also be on sale for the duration of the event up to 40% discount. If you’re a current player of ESO, this is the best time to grab some crowns! There are a lot of good offers on the store at the moment or you may want to save up for awesome stuff like the Grand Topal Hideaway!

ESO offers tons of content for such a small price and it doesn’t even require a subscription. Subscribing, known as ESO plus, is purely optional and only provides quality-of-life bonuses, so you really aren’t missing out on much. Besides, purchasing the ESO Gold edition grants you access to every single DLC except for Shadows of the Hist, the latest one. However, with the crown sale, you can easily purchase Shadows of the Hist at little cost to you, so the event works out well for any new, aspiring ESO player.

There’s no better time to try ESO, so get to it!

The Importance of ESO Items

The Importance of ESO Items

The Elder Scrolls Online is set in Tamriel, some thousand years before the events of Skyrim and around eight hundred years before Morrowind and Oblivion. Molag Bal has enslaved your character and taken their soul, and your mission is to get it back. You’ll travel all...

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