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Elderscrollsonlinereview is a fansite for ESO that covers things like News, Patches, builds, and just generally everything about the game. Our ESO Name generator offers a wide list of names from a gameplay. Calendar of ESO events will help players to be always updated on what’s happening in the game.

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Choosing a name for your ESO character is a very important decision. Not feeling inspired? Check our ESO Name Generator and get dozens of options to choose from.


There are so many regular and recurring event in The Elder Scrolls. Don’t want to miss single one of them? Check our ESO Events calendar and always stay updated.


ESO Gold

Farm Or Not Farm?

In PVP, more isn’t always merrier. Because even though being in groups is heaps fun, there are times when fighting has to be an intimate one-on-one session for it to be satisfying. And with One Tamriel, the latter is going to be a lot more structured. Start betting on yourself with ESO gold, because a much better duel system is coming to Tamriel.


ESO Accounts

Create A Perfect Account

When one talks about One Tamriel’s rather ambitious central premise when it comes to the social aspect of the game: less level restrictions when it comes to partying, exploring, and questing. So hold on to your ESO account; we’ll try to see the implication of each.


ESO Items

Why They Are Important

There are no weapon or armor restrictions for the four classes your character can be. You can be a sorcerer who uses a bow and wears heavy armor, for example. However, this doesn’t mean you should be a heavy armor wearing, bow-using sorcerer. ESO items, whether dropped or crafted, can have passive effects that may or may not be part of a set.


ESO Weapons

Weapons and Armor Sets

Let’s stop collecting eso armor sets and other eso sets for a moment. Let’s hear the magic conch shell.

Matt frior, a prestigious man known for his involvement to elder scrolls online as its producer said something that elder scrolls online is continuously growing. Let’s wonder if it is true.


ESO Tips

He’s not a hero

There are tons of possible cheats in elder scrolls online. A player can cheat through abusing a bug, instead of reporting to the developers; a player can exploit any program that allows their character to farm gold automatically. Furthermore, there are also programs that exist to manipulate the game itself like amplifying the character’s damage and armor, making the character invulnerable.


Breaking News

EOS announces partnering with the worldwide famous adult toys brand -
The Cold Lady.
So maybe soon, we will see an EOS thematic toy in a celebrity dildo collection.

Our Favorite ESO Quote

“How those who wear boots can hear the soil?”

Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Gold Edition Sale and the F2P Weekend!

Celebrate Elder Scrolls Online's 2nd Anniversary with a fantastic free-to-play event starting April 11 to April 18! Experience the rich landscape of Tamriel, amazing story lines, and fantastic gameplay all for free during this period! If you've been following the...

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The Importance of ESO Items

The Elder Scrolls Online is set in Tamriel, some thousand years before the events of Skyrim and around eight hundred years before Morrowind and Oblivion. Molag Bal has enslaved your character and taken their soul, and your mission is to get it back. You’ll travel all...

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