[Build] Aedric Warden Build for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors ?>

[Build] Aedric Warden Build for Elder Scrolls Online Weapons Collectors

If you want to have an easier time hunting Elder Scrolls Online items then you might want to look into the Aedric Warden build for Templars. This skill build focuses on DPS while still maintaining a few support skills to enable you to go solo or with a group.


Elder Scrolls Online Weapons to slice and dice

As a DPS build your Aedric Warden will be wield two-handed Elder Scrolls Online weapons. This allows your Templar to then have access to Reverse Slash (Reverse Slice). This ability does direct damage to its target. The amount is increased however if the enemy is close to death. Even better, the morph allows this skill to deal 40% of the damage dealt to other enemies that are close by.

To get your enemies at a weakened state to facilitate the use of the finisher above, Backlash (Power of the Light) is used. On use, your target will be hit with a beam of light that will store and amplify all the damage they will take. The morph increases the damage thanks to a reduction to the Elder Scrolls Online armor of the target.

More dents in Elder Scrolls Online Armor

When engaging enemies your Aedric Warden will be using two skills often. The first of these is Puncturing Strikes (Biting Jabs). This causes your Templar to deal rapid attacks that deal magic damage to one target while, damaging and knocking-back another enemy close by.  The morph is taken to improve the critical damage of your weapons.

The second skill you’ll be using often is Uppercut (Wrecking Blow). This is useful not just for punting and stunning enemies around, but also for improving the damage of your next attack. Even enemies with tough Elder Scrolls Online armor can be dwindled down with this and the above skill.

Channeling divine power into Elder Scrolls Online Weapons

Relying on your Elder Scrolls Online weapons and Elder Scrolls Online armor alone isn’t enough. That is why this Templar build incorporates Momentum (Rally) in its primary skill bar. With this skill it gets a bonus to weapon damage as well as a self-heal.

The ultimate Dawnbreaker (Flawless Dawnbreaker) is taken for the same reason above. It provides a passive bonus to weapon damage while slotted. Of course, it matches the theme of protecting the inhabitants of Tamriel from Undead and Daedra.

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