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Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Reputation ?>

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Elder scrolls online is one hell of a good game. It has a massive content; the NPCs are fully voiced; tons of dungeon to choose from, although some contents are simply copy-pasted from the past elder scrolls titles. Probably, it is why they manage to put voices on NPCs. Moreover, elder scrolls online has superior graphics. It is almost like a virtual reality. At the end of the day, it is not about how good the graphics are, and how…

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ESO Gold – Dark Brotherhood Content ?>

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No game is ever boring in a stream of updates. Players always have something to do aside from collecting eso gold and buying items. With the new update – dark brotherhood, the market will be filled with new items. It is going to affect economy heavily as every update does. We are not going to talk about the update’s content, but the economy’s state after this update is released. New update always comes with new items. And these items significantly…

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Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – RPG to MMORPG ?>

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The transition of elder scrolls to RPG to MMORPG is enigmatic. There are so many factors involve to transcend from RPG to MMORPG, plus more risk. However, with the guts of developer’s of elder scrolls online’s success push it to reality. And here, we have elder scrolls online as our MMORPG. It is neither a big success nor a failure. It is just your typical MMORPG with decent amount of fans and haters. Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Elder…

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ESO Gold – The Best Way to Farm ?>

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There is no such thing as best farming site or way to get eso gold. The best way to accumulate gold depends on many factors: class, time of farming, solo or with party. Basically, it is all about the convenience. Example: there is a farming site where you can gain 100k gold per day. However, it is only possible with party which the items will be distributed equally after the hunt. There are solo areas where crowded by people and…

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Elder Scrolls Online Armor Set – Guild ?>

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A guild is everyone’s haven. People tend to play an online game for a long time because of companion. It is very rare for one to become attached to an online game without a companion. It is just monstrous to just grind hours and hours without even talking to anyone. There are certain guilds in elder scrolls online with 60+ players online but hardly an exchange of word. It is kind of sad to play an online game with monotonous…

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ESO Gold – Players’ Etiquette 101 from Reddit ?>

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In a game where a community is a large factor, depending on how one act might destroy or innovate the game. There are server rules as a boundary. But there should also be an unspoken rule which players know by heart. An unspoken rule that will define the community of elder scrolls online. Wherein, players can proudly say that elder scrolls online may not have the best gameplay ever, but it has the friendliest community. ESO gold – Stealing You…

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