ESO Gold – Dark Brotherhood Content ?>

ESO Gold – Dark Brotherhood Content

No game is ever boring in a stream of updates. Players always have something to do aside from collecting eso gold and buying items.

With the new update – dark brotherhood, the market will be filled with new items. It is going to affect economy heavily as every update does.

We are not going to talk about the update’s content, but the economy’s state after this update is released.

New update always comes with new items. And these items significantly affect the flow of capital, thus the economy.

Economy after the Update

New items, revamps, new dungeons, and more are coming after the update, which means that some items will be nullified and old items will be replaced by new ones.

Example: there is a sword that costs tons in the market. After an update, a stronger version of the sword was released. Now people are selling their old sword and get the new sword. As a result, the old sword’s supply goes high and the demand goes low, thus reducing its overall value as everybody is looking for the newly released sword.

How to Take Advantage of an Update


Research deeply about the update: look onto forums, reddit, and update discussions. You will be informed of upcoming new items and patches. Don’t limit yourself at elder scrolls online’s main website. They only post the update’s gist not the whole of it.

If you have one of the luxury items, it is better to sell them before the update. You will never know how their value is going to change after the update.


Every update, although it does not happen all the time, is always the epicenter of the economy.

Sell your items and offer them in the virtual market for people to buy eso gold.

Every update is an earthquake. The epicenter always took place on the economy.

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