ESO Gold – Players’ Etiquette 101 from Reddit ?>

ESO Gold – Players’ Etiquette 101 from Reddit

In a game where a community is a large factor, depending on how one act might destroy or innovate the game. There are server rules as a boundary. But there should also be an unspoken rule which players know by heart. An unspoken rule that will define the community of elder scrolls online. Wherein, players can proudly say that elder scrolls online may not have the best gameplay ever, but it has the friendliest community.

ESO gold – Stealing

You name it: kill stealing, scamming, and looting. No matter how someone looks at it, stealing highly violates etiquette.

However, in a fictional world far from reality, being a victim teaches a valuable lesson. When you are scammed in an online game, be grateful. The thief has taught you a valuable lesson that could be applied to real life. Be grateful that it happened in an online game instead in real life. As a result, you will be more vigilant of dealing with people.

Online game – it is where you will learn that the word ‘trust’ is a broken word. It is like a broken skill that has to be fixed by developers.

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Good people are forced to do bad things due to bad experience. If someone stole a mob from you, the mob stealer is probably having a bad day, forgive the person. Probably, his mobs were stolen by someone too and just took his anger to you, stealing your mobs.

Don’t take your revenge to others. It is not the people who do bad things are evil, but the bad things itself. If you can persevere of not turning into a bad guy, then, you have helped to purge evil.


If someone has done something that you don’t like, try talking to them in a nice way.


A community is a huge part of online games, and a huge factor of eso gold economy.

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